How to Make Your Email Marketing Work

How to Make Your Email Marketing Work – 5 Keys for Success

Posted by Matthew Toren , on March 15th, 2012 ⁠|⁠ ⁠

Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep constant contact with various prospects or past clients as a way of staying top of mind when it comes time for your subscribers to act. Email marketing may seem simplistic enough on the surface, type up a bit of information and a few clicks later your message is out, is in reality not quite that easy; well that is if you want to have a successful email marketing campaign.

Having the ability to transform prospects into customers through email marketing will require you to follow five simple keys for success:

1. Deliver value

Sending an email-marketing piece simply to send one out or to maintain “constant contact” is a surefire way to lose subscribers.  Name recognition flashing across the inbox of your subscribers is virtually worthless if they aren’t reading your content and looking forward to your next message.  The goal of any email marketing campaign is to become a trusted source of information. You should become a welcome asset to your subscribers not a weekly email your subscribers expect and immediately delete.

2. Keep it short

Your email message should be direct and to the point.  It is rare that anyone will read a long email, even if it is extremely compelling.  Additionally, it’s important to keep your prospects list concentrated to truly interested readers. Keep your email concise and keep your contact list realistic. Blasting out a marketing campaign to a 3,000-email lead list likely wont ever benefit anyone.

3. Make sure your audience wants to hear from you

Don’t be spam! Sending repetitive emails to prospects that never asked for your information is building you the wrong type of following, annoyed contacts likely to avoid you. Building your list with permission of the subscriber is vital to the success of your marketing campaign.  Have a newsletter opt-in form on your website, and don’t be afraid to tactfully ask past clients or other contacts if they may be interested in hearing from you occasionally.

4. Customization for better results

Again, this goes back to delivering value.  Segmenting your subscriber lists into a few different categories can completely make for the success of your following.  For example if you have a huge list of subscribers receiving generic information, readers are less likely to find the information relevant to them.  If you segment your subscriber list into a few different categories, say, hot leads, past clients, and website opt-in subscribers, you’ll be able to slightly tweak your email marketing piece to make better sense to your specific reader.

5. Call for action

Every successful email-marketing piece should contain a call for action.  Unless your goal is to simply blast out informative pieces as your weekly good deed, you’ll need a call to action or reason for your subscribers to contact you or want to work with you in the future.  Taking your readers to the next step in interaction with you is vital to the success of this piece.  Whether the call to action is simply to follow a link to another bit of information, to find your fan page on Facebook or even respond to your email, your call to act will ensure your marketing piece will have an impact.

Email marketing can be an extremely valuable business building technique, by being the informative professional to your database of willing readers.  Building the right type of image is the most important aspect of any email marketing campaign.


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